CFAO group

Driven by a strong entrepreneurial culture, CFAO owes its success to its in-depth knowledge of the markets, its experience and the outstanding performance of its 15,200 employees.

CFAO has the required expertise to satisfy essential needs on the African continent, with more than 160 years of experience. It is a major player in the distribution of automobiles and pharmaceuticals. As a major distributor of global brands, CFAO stands out with a range of services meeting the highest international standards, continuous operational improvements, and a supply chain that is able to swiftly serve markets that are located far from its production centres.

Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC) owns 100% of CFAO’s share capital and manage more than 970 subsidiaries around the world. TTC is a sogo shosha, a Japanese trading company, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Official Distributor and Network in Africa

With its diversified geographic and sectoral profiles, the CFAO Group is particularly well-equipped to serve the African market.

CFAO has operations in 40 countries in Africa, seven French Overseas Territories, in Belgium, Denmark,Portugal, Italy, India, Vietnam and Cambodia.

CFAO uses first-rate local knowledge to provide its partners with ideal conditions to enter often fragmented markets. Using Africa’s largest sales and after-sales network, we provide our customers with great local service allowing them to get the maximum potential of the brands we sell.